Custom Aquarium Design & Builds

custom aquarium designOur designers carefully plan each aquarium installation to meet your needs. We ensure that each environment is designed for each species’ specific biological needs. This includes developing innovative transportation methods and custom aquatic life support systems.

The first step is to discuss what type of aquarium you are looking for, freshwater or saltwater. Saltwater aquariums have different needs compared to a freshwater aquarium including the plumbing, filtering and lighting. These unique features will affect the design and overall installation of the tank.

Then we will help you decide on an internal layout and fish/marine life selection. We have a giant selection for you to choose from so your creative possibilities are endless.

Superior Craftsmanship

Next we will discuss placement, size and shape. We will help you decide on the best options and can even work with your contractor or interior designer to be sure we meet their requirements. We are detail oriented and are always sure to inspect the area you want your tank placed to be sure we have access to both electrical and plumbing.

We also check to be sure the flooring beneath your aquarium is reinforced and can easily handle the weight.

The final step is to fabricate and install your one-of-a-kind custom aquarium. Aquarium Wizards uses only the highest quality acrylic and glass in the construction of your aquarium. We ensure that your tank is as structurally sound as it is beautiful.



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